When you buy from our expansive Refurbished Vacuum Truck inventory you get equipment that is job tested, expertly maintained and ready to work. Couple that with our Warranty protection program and flexible financing terms and purchase with peace of mind.

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International Link is proud to announce our extensive Refurbishment Program available for Industrial Vacuum Loaders, Combination Sewer Cleaners, Jetters, Hydroexcavators, and water blasters. Our program consists of a 100+ point inspection process by vacuum truck qualified professionals with years of experience in all major brands including Vactor, Supersucker, Guzzler, GapVax, Camel, Aquatech, Vac-Con, Keith Huber and more!  Available trucks can be customized to different rebuild levels and include sandblasting and specialized paint jobs and even warranties.

Make a sound investment in used equipment and take advantage of our exciting Refurbishment Program today! Contact us for further details!

2000 Super Products Camel Combination Sewer Cleaner mounted on Sterling Chassis


NEW: Kanaflex boom & suction hose, cyclone separator & clean-out door, ejector plate wiper guides, locking rods, latch rollers, hydraulic hoses throughout the body, tube rack, seals/gaskets, decant and gate valves, sewer jetter hose, PVC plumbing, rotary swivel, water strainer, sight gauges, operator’s control panel, all accessories inc. tubes, clamps, fill & drain hose, pendant control, nozzles, decals, clutch, injectors, belts, hoses, batteries, air dryer, air compressor, brakes

Transmission, alternator, starter, engine, blower and drop box. Completely sandblasted & custom painted.

1997 Guzzler CL Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum Loader mounted on Ford Chassis


NEW: Steel lined debris tank, brakes, tires, belts, hoses, LED lights, doors seal, bags, cages, hydraulic pump, vac hose 

REBUILT: PTO, transmission, transfer case, starter, alternator, air cannon & vibrator.  DOT roadworthy, serviced engine, driveline, dropbox & blower.  

CAB REFURBISHMENT: New floor, reupholstered seats, headliner & backliner, door panels and repainted seat frames.  Cab and Body completely sandblasted and custom painted.

2001 GapVax HV-57 Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum Loader mounted on Volvo Chassis


Rebuilt PTO, Transmission removed & serviced, New belts, hoses, tires, fuel injectors & pump. Rebuilt transfer case, blower removed & serviced, rebuilt air cannon, Reconditioned control panel, New bumper, fenders, liquid level indicator, door seals, gaskets, filter bags, cages, LED lights, work lights, completely sandblasted and custom paint.

2001 GapVax HV-57 Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum Loader mounted on Volvo Chassis


NEW: LED lighting, filter bags, boom hose, tires, electric vibrator, door seal.

SERVICED: Blower, Engine, Transfer Case, Brakes, Pneumatic Offloading feature.  Completely sandblasted & custom painted.

2003 Vactor 2103 Combination Sewer Cleaner mounted on Chevrolet Chassis


Reinforced front & rear bulkheads of debris body, carboline lining of tank, serviced blower, engine, transfer case, brakes, New water tank frames, silencer, jetter hose, tires, door seals, inlet baffle, rear door gussets, floatball & arrow, sandblasting & custom paint.

2007 Guzzler ACE Industrial Wet/Dry Air Mover mounted on International Chassis


Remount Body and Equipment on new used chassis, Rebuilt blower, Rebuilt OMSI Transfer Case, New air cannon, porthole, Reconditioned control panel with new gauges, all new seals, cages, bags, boom hose, fittings, LED lights, sandblasting & custom paint.

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