Welding Products & Consumables

As a wholesale distributor of some of the world’s most dependable welding manufacturers, International Link is proud to offer the below welding products and consumables to the end user. For more information, please call (888) 530-3773 or email.

CK WorldwideOur TIG torches and accessories include the full product line of CK Worldwide. From gas cooled and water cooled torches to the Trim-Line and Flex-Loc torches, CK Worldwide offers the most extensive supply of TIG torches and accessories to meet the most demanding requirements of a novice or experienced welder.


Tregaskiss / BernardTregaskiss / Bernard welding products offers premier MIG guns and consumables for the most demanding welding applications. Our most popular products include our Air or Water-Cooled Hand-held MIG Q Guns, Dura-Flux Guns, Centerfire consumables and a full range of replacement consumables and accessories.

ArcArc Products manufactures the most advanced automated systems for the welding industry and is a leader in quality, innovation and reliability. Arc offers the well-known Cyclomatic, Powcon and Plazcraft lines and is the spare parts leader for rebuilt and obsolete equipment.

LencoProfax/Lenco is the leading manufacturer of Submerged Arc, Plasma, Arc Gouging torches and consumables with an outstanding reputation for quality and delivery. They also offer a complete line of manual welding accessories and automotive spot welders.

ESABProducing consumables and equipment for virtually every welding and cutting process and application, ESAB has over 100 years of continuous research, development and manufacturing experience.

Mathey DearmanWith over 75 years of quality products, Mathey Dearman has been the precision pipe end preparation leader in the industry offering specialized Cutting and Beveling machines for all types of pipe and pipe diameters and Pipe Alignment and Reforming Clamps that have revolutionized the welding and pipefitting industries. Mathey also offers a complete line of Pipefitter’s tools, Flange tools and Welding Electrode and Flux Ovens.

Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machines

  • Saddle machines
  • Motorized Saddle machines
  • Spacer bolts and step down spacer bolts

Monarch Pipe Cutting & Band Machines

  • Manual & Motorized Band Crawler Machines
  • Multiple size monarch bands

Welding Electrodes

Chain Cutting & Beveling Machines

  • Mignon Chain machine
  • Mini & Maxi Chain machine
  • MD 400 Chain driven cutting and beveling machine

Rim and Cage Clamps

Flux Ovens

  • Small Portable Ovens
  • Large Portable Holding Ovens
  • Larg Electrode Holding Ovens
  • Re-baking Ovens
  • Automatic Flux Processing Ovens

Alignment & Reform Clamps

  • Single & Double Jackscrew Chain Clamps
  • Dearman Light Chain Clamps
  • Universal, Double & Hydraulic Chain Clamps

Internal Flange-Alignment Tools

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