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Your Source For New & Used Hydro Excavators, Combination Sewer Cleaners, Sewer Trucks, Hydro Excavation Trucks, Liquid Vacuum Truck Sales & More!

We buy and sell combination sewer cleaners, liquid & used vacuum trucks, sewer cleaner trucks, jetters, hydro excavators (hydro excavation trucks) and industrial vacuum loaders nationwide and internationally. Serving all of the United States and international markets!

Let International Link LLC be your source for vacuum and excavation truck-mounted equipment sales. Our inventory offers vacuum trucks and more by top brands like Supersucker, Guzzler, Vactor, Mud Dog & Camel! We offer products for sale Nationwide across the U.S. in areas like Wyoming, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Texas and New Jersey.

Call toll free at (888) 530-3773 or email us today!

¿Quienes Somos?                                                                               Used Mud Dog

Equipos Nuevos / Usados                                                          Used Sewer Trucks

Aspiradoras Usadas / Equipos De Alto Vacio                           Used Supersucker

Equipos De Desazolve                                                          Vactor Sewer Cleaners

Nicopress® en español                                             Used Vacuum Trucks for Sale

Soldadura                                                                                                        Mig & Tig

Servicios                                                               Welding Products & Consumables

Used Guzzlers                                                                                          Tea Bag Wire

Pre-Owned / Used Vacuum Trucks                               Welding & Other Requests

Used Hydroexcavators                                                Logistics & Shipping Services

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